"It ALL Fits in at The Fit Co."

A one-stop shop, we fit fitness into your life with these time efficient total body workouts. It's fitness where circumstances don't stop you. 


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Think about how much you would pay for that zen happy after workout endorphin rush.... 

I interviewed a lot of people to figure out how to create and price this epic program. 

I was so honored to hear from so many people who said that they love working out with me (on Livestreams and Privates) and wish they could take me with them in their pockets when they want to fit in an extra workout during the week, are traveling, extra busy or living in a different time zone.

I am passionate about making it easy for driven individuals to fit fitness into their lives and want to remove all barriers and excuses that might get in the way.

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See you on the sweaty side,

xx Laura