Born and raised in New York City, Laura has always wanted to do it "all". From her days as a three sport varsity athlete and captain in High School, to her completion of three New York City Marathons while news producing at CNN, working at the NYPD as an Intelligence Analyst, and studying International Affairs and Arabic at Columbia University, fitness has been the one constant in Laura's life. But it wasn't until she was pregnant with her daughter, Sophia, born in March 2012, that she was determined to turn her love for exercise into a career. Laura is empathetic to all who want to remain fit while juggling multiple responsibilities. She created her program at The Fit Co. with this in mind.  All her classes are time efficient, nonstop movement and incorporate a total body workout that could be done barefoot.  Whether you are a mom who wants to get in shape, a busy bride who is looking for a time efficient total body workout program, a working executive who could only sneak in workouts during the day, or a marathon runner who wants to target important complementary muscle groups that will aid in the race, Laura's fitness program will cater to your needs. Laura is also extremely passionate towards yoga and swears on it as a way to increase core strength, maintain flexibility and prevent injury especially for those who are runners and cardio enthusiasts.  For this reason, she decided to bring a yoga program to The Fit Co. as well, and is currently in Ashtanga yoga teacher training with Scott Harig at Pure Yoga.