Moms In Our Community: Running 2015 NYC Marathon

In January, I ran my fourth marathon but my first one as a mom. 

Training as a mom is very different than prior to motherhood.  And at Fit by Laura, we have three moms in our community that are taking on the 26.2 miles in NYC just under two weeks from now.  Here is what they have to say about their experience training.


Caroline (Fit by Laura Instructor)

Is this your first marathon? If not how many?

Yes; this is my first.

How is training different as a mom?

This is the first time I have ever trained for a marathon.  Now, being a mother there is more scheduling involved, especially when I take my longer runs which are usually 3+ hours.  I have to find my husband or babysitter to watch her.  On my shorter runs that are an hour to two hours, I enjoy taking her with me in the jogging stroller.

How does being a mom motivate you to run?

I'm running this race in my father's memory, to raise money for cancer research, specifically pancreatic cancer, and to promote awareness for this cause.  In a way I'm doing my part to create a better, cancer-free world for my daughter.

Anything else to share?

These long runs have made me more patient.  Pacing yourself and finding the focus to finish are two valuable lessons I've learned from long distance running that I believe I can apply to other parts of my life.


Elizabeth (Fit by Laura Participant)

Is this your first marathon? If not how many?

This is my 13th marathon, 11th NYC, Harrisburg, and then Cozumel as part of the IRONMAN. 

How is training different as a mom?

Training is different as a mama because I am training with her! My long runs on the weekends are solo, but I do them as quick as I can so I can get back and play with her and hang with Matt.

How does being a mom motivate you to run?

It motivates me to be healthy, strong,  and to be a role model for Helen Grace!

Anything else to share?

I didn't train nearly as much as I have in the past because it's just different with a baby.  You want to spend time with them and they also have their activities.  I know it won't be a PR for me,  but I do know I will have a fantastic time and I will have a HUGE SMILE on my face for 26.2 miles! Go mamas!!


Nikki (Fit by Laura Participant)

 Is this your first marathon? If not how many?

This will be my fifth marathon. I have previously run Chicago four times.

How is training different as a mom?

I think that being a mom has made me more accountable with my training. Since my husband and I both have to coordinate our schedules to fit in our long runs, I find that I am more consistent. I am also able to take my son, Wyatt, with me on shorter runs. Pushing a jogging stroller was a bit of an adjustment, but I love our mornings in the park. Then, when I run without the stroller I feel like I can really fly! 

 How does being a mom motivate you to run?

When I am having a difficult time, I think of Wyatt and being able to tell him one day that he trained for the New York Marathon with me. 

Anything else you want to share?

Invest in a good running bra!! Moving Comfort makes great ones and they have Velcro straps so you can easily nurse.

My First Marathon as a Mom!

On Friday morning, January 16th, around 730am, I decided what better way to kick off my marathon weekend then going for my final run with my running muse.  Dressed for 30 degrees, Sophia coasted in the jogging stroller while I pushed her for the “easy” 4.

houston marathon finish.jpg

After teaching my 930am and 1130am class on Friday morning, I went straight to LGA to fly to Houston.

What I wore…

I spent the past two months training in the cold. But we were in Houston.  Just ten days before the marathon, Courtney had told me the weather was 24 degrees in Houston. That had definitely changed for the marathon weekend, as it was sunny and in the 60s.  Most people say “oh how nice”; my answer to that is “not for a marathon!”


I decided on:

·       MamaFit by Laura tank top

·       Athleta lime green shorts

·       The only brand of sneakers I will ever run in- Brooks. 

·       Uplift green wristband for sweat and added flair

·       My new “Mom” headband that I purchased at the Marathon Expo.

But, the key purchase….

“The Flip Belt”: when I run, I eat GU.  I wanted them in my pockets.  Training in 30 degrees, I wore my Sugoi Versa Vest, with plenty of storage space.  I knew I wanted to carry five during the marathon, but with shorts and a tank, where would I put them? I hate “feeling” anything on my waist or hips when I run so I was skeptical of wearing a belt.

The Flip Belt is AWESOME.  It fit snug to my hips (I bought a size larger so it wouldn’t ride up), held all my gels and I could have even put my I phone 6 in it. During the 2007 marathon my cell phone fell out of my belt on the Verazzano bridge but this belt you are able to literally flip it over to secure the phone.

What I experienced….

My three previous marathons were New York.  Very hilly (at times sneaky hilly), colder, and twice the size of Houston.  The crowds in New York are truly unbelievably supportive, and running through the five boroughs and observing first hand all the different cultures is one of the most unique experiences one could have.  An added bonus for me is the fact that I actually grew up there, I see friendly faces throughout the 26.2 miles. 

laura and courtney houston marathon.jpg

Houston is flat and hot (at least it was on Sunday).  The crowds are great, but much more spread out than New York.  Whereas there are people lining the streets the whole way through in New York, and especially in Central Park towards the end of the race when you need the crowds the most, in Houston there were large stretches where I didn’t see many people. In fact, the whole last mile, when my legs were on overdrive and I couldn’t see the finish line as it was around a corner, I really needed lines of crowds.  But there were very few people.  At one point I screamed out in frustration “WHERE IS THE FINISH LINE?” but I was really just talking to myself.

That being said, those who were out in support were fantastic.  I got lots of high fives, free water bottles (I hate stopping at the water stands and would rather actually hold a small bottle as I run), and many of the signs made me laugh.

Some of my favorite:

·       “It could be worse, you could be doing burpees”

·       “You run better than our government”

·        “This way for beer” (at Mile 24.5, and yes, I actually saw people veer off for a sip…believe me, at mile 24.5 in 60 plus degrees and blazing sun a beer sounds really good…)

What I focused on


·       Sophia: her little body and face with her head turning blonde curls and big blue eyes kept circulating in my head.  To think that I didn’t have her to think about my last marathons seems unimaginable now.

·       Hunter Sterling: My clients son who has leukemia and who had recently gotten sick.  I was hearing from his mom as I ran.  I thought about him and his family throughout the 26.2.


·       Time: Okay, I had said I wouldn’t, but I can’t completely change who I am.  As I ran, I noticed I was keeping a steady pace of sub-9 minute miles.  My personal record was 3:50; for much of the race it seemed as though I would finish around 3:50- 4 hours.  Around mile 18 it seemed like I may even break 3:50.  I was feeling strong.  But no matter how you slice it, those last 4 miles are a beast, and I finished happily in 3:53. 

·       All of you: Getting your texts as I ran, and sneaking peaks at my Facebook wall and seeing all of your support.  I felt as though you were in Houston with me cheering me on.

Next Marathon?


A goal of mine has been to qualify for Boston.  Last year I would have needed a 3:45 for my age group, but it seems as though now with the growing popularity I need a 3:40.  This marathon was about raising money for Hunter and the Lukemia & Lymphoma Society and running my first as a mom.  The next will most likely have those elements too but I want to break 3:40 and run Boston. 

There I said it; and with all of your support, I’m sure I can do it.  I’ll let you know when and where. 

Training for Houston


The first time I ran a marathon I was 20; I never did more than 16 miles before race day and relied primarily on youth to get through the 26.2 miles.  There were late nights of being out until 3am followed by a hilly long run in Ithaca New York.  I was young...

The second marathon I ran, at 29, I took a lot more seriously; I did no cross training the first time around, which took a toll on me.

The third marathon, at 32, I was the most focused.  I was aiming to break four hours (ended up finishing NYC in 3 hours 50 minutes), and I more or less ate, lived, and breathed my training.  I had decided the year before this was my goal, and as there were no kids nor a business to run, this was my focus.  

This time around, my situation is completely different.


There just isn't much of it. Between teaching 20 classes a week, training 5-6 privates, and yes, of course, being a mom, time is limited.  

Here are some ways I have dealt with the time crunch:

-Look at it as an incentive.  Less time means making the most of the time you have; you never know what tomorrow will bring as a parent so get done what you can today

-Work daily life into the training: On Christmas morning I was alone with Sophia; I brought her along with me in the jogging stroller.  Two days later, I wanted to get another run in but had limited help; so after I taught at Uplift I ran down to pick her up at her grandparents.

-Find what motivates you, focus, and commit; for me, I was motivated to run Houston in order to raise money in honor of Hunter Sterling, my client Stephanie's son, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. During my training, I found out that a close friends mother was also recently diagnosed.  Any time I start thinking about the "list" of everything else that needs to be done, I focus on this commitment.  



I have only trained for New York which means training through the summer and fall But as Houston is in mid-January, I have had some long runs in the cold.  

Courtney Collins and those at Jack Rabbit have definitely provided me with some guidance on how to dress running for the cold.  Since I run "hot" (it doesn't take me a long time to warm up) I have been able to get away with a base layer and my Sugoi Women's Versa Vest that I wore during the 2010 NY Marathon.  I find that the vest- without the sleeves- definitely keeps the wind away.  I also wear my Sugoi Subzero Scull Hat and gloves.  (and no, this is not a ploy for Sugoi, I just happen to genuinely love their stuff)

A couple of tips I got from Courtney that I will pass on regarding winter running; it will help not only on colder outside class days but also for you when you are walking outside this winter with your little ones.

-When you run, dress like it is 10-20 degrees warmer than it actually is to avoid overheating.

-Do NOT wear cotton as your base!! Cotton absorbs sweat and other wet elements and will actually make you COLDER.  Either a synthetic fiber or wool will wick sweat away from your body and help regulate your natural temperature. 

- Less is more; it is more important to dress appropriately in the cold as opposed to wearing tons of layers.  


Redefining Expectations

I am my own worst critic. Relentlessly hard on myself I find in ways it has gotten more extreme once I became a mom. I know many of you can relate; the guilty mom syndrome. Am I ever doing enough for my child/children? 

As I mentioned previously I've had limited time to train for Houston. Where I've previously spent months training I decided to run Houston two months out from race day. As I've done my longer training runs (20 and 21 miles) I find that I start getting negative toward the end; I start looking at the clock and although I promised not to worry about time, I know my personal best was 350 and of course the competitor within wants to beat that time.

Here is where I need to readjust: my life is completely different than it was when I ran my 350. Once we all become parents our lives are completely different. Recognizing this and readjusting expectations to reflect the new reality is so important yet easier said than done. It doesn't necessarily mean we can't achieve goals the same way we did; it just means we can only be the best within the current framework.


Leading By Example

First three marathons I did were not only before Sophia, but before I was a fitness professional.  My clients provide me with inspiration to be as strong and fit as I can.

But if that wasn't enough....

I have spoken often about being a role model for Sophia.  She loves running, coming to class and has even at times started to "co" teach with me.  But the conversation I had with her last night after my 18 mile run was definitely special.

Sophia "Mommy.  What did you do today?"

Me. "Mommy taught two classes and ran 18 miles"

Sophia: "Oh!! Good job Mommy! Did you shower after? You have to shower!"

I told her it was the first thing I did; before even eating!


There is still plenty of time to donate:

If you haven't already and would like to; any amount is much appreciated!

Houston Marathon

When I was 20, I ran my first marathon.  When I was 29, I ran my second.   When I was 32, I ran my third.  These were all BS (Before Sophia)


For those of you who have been on my newsletter for some time, you know that I have mentioned that running is more or less "in my blood".  My mother ran the 1979 and 1980 NYC Marathons, with me as a toddler to cheer her on ; my father has also completed two NYC Marathons.  

I've always known that my marathon days are not over, it was just a matter of when.  While running my fourth and my first since Sophia had not been top of mind until recently, it now is.


Why now?

A few months ago, on a brutally hot July day, I was teaching my 11am class in Central Park.  The class which averages 13 moms only had three that day, as the temperature was bordering on unbearable.  I was definitely considering canceling, but two of the moms had been previous clients of mine were there, ready to work, and one new mom. 

"Hi, I'm Stephanie," the new mom said as we did our introductions.  "My son Reede is one and my son Hunter is two.  My son Hunter has cancer."

Stephanie's candor was inspiring; what was equally impressive was her ability to tell us this information in the sweltering heat while not missing a burpee or jumping jack.  Despite what Stephanie was going through, she was there to work out and to do something for herself.  Knowing this, I wanted to give Stephanie whatever I possibly could in that hour to help her on that journey. 

Since July, Stephanie has been a consistent client of mine.  I've been honored that I can provide her with an environment where she could get a good workout, meet other moms, and perhaps "forget" about what is going on in her life outside the tabatas, planks, and glute work in front of her.

But I wanted to do more.


Houston Chevron Marathon2015‬ and LLS

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a fantastic organization; I've known countless people who have ran for them in order to raise money for blood cancer research. LLS has the Team in Training program, where they mentor and help train both seasoned and aspiring runners towards achieving their goals while fundraising for an extremely important cause. I had the opportunity to coach for their Moms in Training program this past spring.  On Sunday, January 18th, 2015, I will be running the Houston Chevron Marathon and raising money for LLS in honor of Hunter Sterling. For those who would like to make a donation, you can click on this link right here


Why Houston?

image (7).jpeg

This girl.....

I first met Courtney during the fall of 2013 when she was working as the Community Outreach Coordinator at Jack Rabbit UWS.  For years, I have thought very highly of Jack Rabbit, as they definitely got me through the 2007 and 2010 NYC Marathons by prepping me with the right shoes and the right clothing to get me through the 26.2.  

Jack Rabbit was a savior for us moms last winter (and will be this winter!) as they let us use their indoor space to hold classes during the brutal months.

Courtney is from Houston, and will be running the Houston Marathon (you'll have to ask her yourself what number marathon this is for her!) She is our business development coordinator here at MamaFit, a fantastic running coach and a friend. You'll be hearing from her over the next few weeks as I train for my first winter marathon.

Happy Year and a Half Anniversary to MamaFit by Laura

Since I was 22, I knew I wanted to be in the fitness world.  It was just a matter of timing.  The shift officially occurred when I was 35.  On Wednesday, April 17th, 2013, 15 moms joined me as I launched my own fitness company geared towards moms.

 What Has Changed

sophia waiting for bus.jpg

- Sophia has transformed from a 13 month old who only walked when she held onto mine or her father’s pinky finger to a two and a half year old, telling us “I just want to run down the street” and looking like a little girl waiting for the bus to go shopping with mommy and grandma at Bloomingdales for her Uncle Matt’s wedding.  And I should tell you, when we got there Sophia combined both of these actions by running from department to department, only stopping every now and then to point to a dress and say “Mommy, this dress is nice!”  


- We have gone from offering 4 classes a week to 20 classes a week 

- We have gone from 15 clients at our launch to over 400! We have gone from a team of one to a team of 5 (thanks Andrea, Lindsey, Dana and Courtney)

- We have rebranded to MamaFit by Laura, with the logo being designed by my close family friend and professional graphic designer Lisa Delgado Smith who in many ways I have always thought of as a second mom.

What Hasn’t Changed


- Part of what makes MamaFit unique is the community of moms that we have built.  In a city as big as New York, it is nice to have a place to go where you can see the same faces/babies day after day and share stories with one another.  At MamaFit, we know that as much as you come to get fit, you also enjoy each other’s company and I find myself often competing with the friendly chatter while I teach (Although you all know the no-talking-during Tabata’s rule ;)


- The moves have changed, but at the core, the format is the same.  We combine cardio intervals, strength training, and body toning, alternating between all three throughout the 60 minute workout. 


- Whether you are Gayle Helman or Jamie Becker, who were at my launch that cool April day and were still with me last Friday on the official 18 month anniversary, or countless others who have been with us throughout the majority of your child’s life, we thank you for your continued support.   

Most Rewarding

- Taking my daughter to work: Sophia does not come all of the time, but when she does she loves to help me teach.  

sophia mom exercise.jpg


Making a difference
- A true product of progressive education, I have always gravitated towards professions where I can see that I am helping people.  Being able to see the tangible physical and mental results and changes in the Mamas that come through and knowing we have played some role in helping moms achieve some internal satisfaction is a fantastic feeling to have day after day.

- Running my own business and knowing that each decision I make is my own: this is both on the most rewarding yet most terrifying list. 

Thanks to all of my friends, family and of course, to all of you, for your continued support!


Playground Workout

Fall in the city means lots of time in playgrounds.  Why not incorporate your own workout while watching your child?

Check out these moves below:

Swing Work





1.    TRX with Swing: with or without your child in the swing.  Hold the sides of the swings, place your heels on the ground and lean backwards.  With a straight back, pull yourself up towards the swing and slowly let yourself go back to the starting position.  Repeat 12 reps.

Muscles targeted: Back, hamstrings, core






2.    TRX Lunge and lift: Start with one foot forward, the other one back, knee an inch from the ground in a lunge position.  Hands on sides of swing.  Pull yourself up and bring knee in towards the swing and go back into a lunge position.  Repeat 12 reps.  Do both sides.

Muscles targeted: Back, Glutes, core



3.    TRX Curtsy Lunge and kick: Start with one foot forward, the other leg behind the front leg, hips squared.  Hands on sides of swing. Lunge down into a curtsy lunge then pull yourself up and kick leg out.  Repeat 12 reps.  Do both sides 

Muscles targeted: Outer glutes, back, core.



Bench Work:


4.    Side planks on bench: great thing about this is you can do this while watching your child.  Choose a side, preferably in the direction where s/he is playing

Muscles targeted: core, obliques


5.    Tricep Dips on Bench: Starting position; sit on the bench with your fingers facing out.  Slide yourself off the bench and lower yourself down by bending at the elbow.  Then lift yourself back up. Repeat 12 reps

Muscles targeted: triceps



6.    Reverse Plank: Place palms flat on the bench, fingers pointing out. Straighten legs and lift up.  Hold for 30 seconds



Step Work


7.    Step-ups: Facing the step place your right foot up then left then down right and down left.  Go as fast as you are comfortable with for 30 seconds. Then lead with the other leg

 Muscles targeted: Cardio, glutes


8.    Side Up/Downs: Facing one direction, place your foot on the step, then the other foot then step both down.  Go as fast as you are comfortable for 30 seconds then the other side

Muscles targeted: Cardio, glutes


9.    Step-Plie: Stand with your legs wider than hip distance, one foot is on the step other is on the ground.  Feet turned out.  Lower down into a plie position and plie back up.  Repeat 12 times.  Then turn and have other foot on step.

 Muscles targeted: Inner thighs, glutes


Monkey Bars

10.   Monkey Bar Crunches: place your hands on the monkey bars.  Keep your legs down.  Lift one leg at a time so they are parallel to the ground.  Added challenge lift both at the same time

Do three times; first time walking lunges from each station; second time side lunges to each station; third time run to each station 



Challenge Move:

Slide Incline push-ups:  Place feet on slide.  Hands in push-up position, do a push-up.  Repeat 12 

Mental Fitness for Mommies

I remember when Sophia was only a few weeks old; I was walking with one of my closest friends in Central Park.  My friend was a mom of two boys at the time (now a mom of three).  One her boys was about 7 weeks older than Sophia.  She said to me, “You need mom friends”

“But I have you,” I said.  And continued to list off a bunch of others. 

“No,” she said. “You need first time mom friends with infants Sophia’s age.”

With that in mind, I joined Renee Sullivan’s Babybites Moms Group .  It was an 8 week program, headed by a social worker, who helped guide us bleary eyed- sleep deprived moms.  I remembered anticipating with great excitement those Monday afternoons, where I knew I could ask all the questions about sleep I wanted and there would be people to commissorate and an experienced leader to lend advice. 

I made three mommy friends who- to this day- I consider three of my closest friends.  And you have seen them all from time to time frequent our Stroller Strides class ;)

Added Bonus? Sophia met her bestie, Maddie. 

I highly recommend Renee’s groups.  And lucky for all of you, she not only has new moms groups, but she has groups for working moms as well that begins on October 21 and October 23rd.

I asked Renee to give us a few wellness tips for this month:


Tip for Getting Everything Done - Do Less.

Quite simply, we have too much on our damn plates. Graciously decline some invitations. Schedule in a free weekend. Nothing is more refreshing and invigorating as an empty day in our calendar. Let go. Embrace being the perfect, imperfect parent.


Tip for Not Losing Your Mind - Make Space.

We are on the conveyor belt of crazy. Remember that episode of I Love Lucy with the chocolates? Yep - things keep on going faster and faster, and it won't stop unless we step away from the insanity. Powering down that Smart Phone an hour before bed, or having your first cup of java before checking your Facebook feed will make you feel human again. You do not need to know what your college roommate ate for breakfast, until after you peacefully have yours - promise.


Tip for Keeping Your Energy - Happy Shiny People.

We are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with. Who's getting you down? Cranky boss? Overworked husband? Goldfish Stomping Toddler? Negative Nelly? Whiny Wendy? Come 'on get happy! Set some "away time" from negative energies in your life - even an hour less can work wonders. And find some happy shiny people. Moms that are uplifting and inspiring.


Renee Sullivan, parent and lifestyle coach and founder of babybites moms groups, has connected four thousand smart, savvy, and social gals in our weekly groups since 2008.

To learn more about The Moms Groups from expectant to new moms to stay at home moms click here

Back at work? Working Moms Groups begin on Oct 21st and Oct 23rd - details here.

The 7 Minute Workout

This workout from the NY Times is good. It hits all the main muscle groups and high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to speed up your metabolism and burn fat.  Given that busy moms have the added challenge of finding time to actually go to a gym, this workout is quick and can be done in your own home. To top off this workout, why not add a 30 second burpee section at the end to make it a 7 minute 30 second workout?  ;)


Other tips

1. If your kid is home get him or her involved.  I have seen Sophia and her father do this very workout

2. Abdominal crunches- for an added challenge switch it to bicycles to get more into your transverse abdominals and obliques

3. Active rest: you have ten seconds of rest in between each section.  Make it active (jog in place, abdominal crunches, downward facing dog)

Playing with Planks

August= vacation.  As many of you take time to be with your loved ones, that doesn't mean you have to stop working out. One of my favorite exercise is the plank as it hits your core as well as upper body. If you don't have much time, planks are the way to go.


You could even do it on the beach; the uneven surface of the sand will provide you with an added challenge as you tap into those stabilizing muscles 

Read more

A Little Bit of Sparkly in Our Lives....

Let's be honest;  many of us actually do care how our hair looks when we work out. A curly haired gal, I have always been concerned and now that I am often in front of many, I care more.  

Enter Sparkly Soul. The bands are great.  The company, run by sisters Dari and Pamela, based in New York and produced in Brooklyn,  there are thinner bands that you could wear and double up or the thicker band.  The sparkle goes all around and the band does not give you the typical head ache.

Both Dari and Pamela are marathon runners and triathletes; so the bands definitely will stay on for the grueling 26.2 miles, for a shorter jog, or for a more casual day.  

Thanks to UWS Jack Rabbit, who has been keeping our moms and little ones nice and warm during this winter, we were able to have Sparkly Soul come speak to us about their product one day in March where, yes, it was still probably 20 degrees outside.  I got Sophia to try one on with me, (although she was somewhat distracted by the band...)

In honor of Fit4Mom's Upper East side launch this week, Sparkly Soul is providing those who attend a 20% discount.  Come to class and I will give you the code. 



My Journey to Mama Fit; How a Former CNN producer/NYPD Analyst Becomes a Fitness Entrepreneur

When I was 24 years old, working at CNN, I thought about being a personal trainer.  A lover of fitness, and as someone who wanted to "help" people, I purchased the ACE Personal Training manual.  I read the whole thing but did not take the test.  The timing didn't feel right. 

When I was 32 years old, working at the NYPD as in Intelligence Research Specialist, I thought about teaching Group Fitness Classes. I purchased the ACE Group Fitness Manual and read the whole thing.  Instead of taking the test, I decided to train for my third NYC Marathon. Something was still holding me back.

When I was 33 years old,  I became pregnant with my daughter, Sophia.  During a yoga class, I met a woman who was a fitness reporter.  Frustrated with all the misinformation out there as to what I could and couldn't do regarding exercise and pregnancy, I started writing about pre/post-natal fitness.  From November 2011 until July 2013, I wrote a column Baby Bump Fit Tips on  

I loved writing, reporting, and providing women with important information. But once I had Sophia, born March 2012, I realized there was another dilemma.  Not only did I have to rebuild my core muscles and pelvic floor, but quite literally, what was I supposed to do with Sophia when I worked out? She was too young for gym daycare and aside from the times when Kira Stokes would watch Sophia in the stroller while I would run stairs in Central Park, I started paying for baby sitters just so I could work out.  It was an expensive- yet necessary and important- habit.  

When Sophia was five months old, the opportunity to take over Fit 4 Mom Manhattan was presented to me. Fit 4 Mom, the largest pre/post-natal program in the country, with over 1000 franchises, allows moms to get a killer workout WHILE having their little one with them.  I was not ready to take over the franchise; but I WAS ready to finally take the ACE Group Fitness test, get certified and start teaching. 

I have now owned Fit 4 Mom Manhattan since March 2013; as I close in on my first year, I am certain this was the right decision for me.  Fit 4 Mom is part of Mama Fit; it is the group classes; you will get a total body workout while meeting other fantastic moms.  Mama Fit is recognizing that, as a mom, it is okay and at times necessary to address your needs.  

Time, time and time; the main reason why moms- both those who work outside the house and inside the house- find it challenging to work out. By attending my group class, or working with me one on one, I will help you incorporate fitness into your daily life.

I plan on writing here often; please check the blog and email me if there is anything specific you would like to read about.  

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!