Happy Year and a Half Anniversary to MamaFit by Laura

Since I was 22, I knew I wanted to be in the fitness world.  It was just a matter of timing.  The shift officially occurred when I was 35.  On Wednesday, April 17th, 2013, 15 moms joined me as I launched my own fitness company geared towards moms.

 What Has Changed

sophia waiting for bus.jpg

- Sophia has transformed from a 13 month old who only walked when she held onto mine or her father’s pinky finger to a two and a half year old, telling us “I just want to run down the street” and looking like a little girl waiting for the bus to go shopping with mommy and grandma at Bloomingdales for her Uncle Matt’s wedding.  And I should tell you, when we got there Sophia combined both of these actions by running from department to department, only stopping every now and then to point to a dress and say “Mommy, this dress is nice!”  


- We have gone from offering 4 classes a week to 20 classes a week 

- We have gone from 15 clients at our launch to over 400! We have gone from a team of one to a team of 5 (thanks Andrea, Lindsey, Dana and Courtney)

- We have rebranded to MamaFit by Laura, with the logo being designed by my close family friend and professional graphic designer Lisa Delgado Smith who in many ways I have always thought of as a second mom.

What Hasn’t Changed


- Part of what makes MamaFit unique is the community of moms that we have built.  In a city as big as New York, it is nice to have a place to go where you can see the same faces/babies day after day and share stories with one another.  At MamaFit, we know that as much as you come to get fit, you also enjoy each other’s company and I find myself often competing with the friendly chatter while I teach (Although you all know the no-talking-during Tabata’s rule ;)


- The moves have changed, but at the core, the format is the same.  We combine cardio intervals, strength training, and body toning, alternating between all three throughout the 60 minute workout. 


- Whether you are Gayle Helman or Jamie Becker, who were at my launch that cool April day and were still with me last Friday on the official 18 month anniversary, or countless others who have been with us throughout the majority of your child’s life, we thank you for your continued support.   

Most Rewarding

- Taking my daughter to work: Sophia does not come all of the time, but when she does she loves to help me teach.  

sophia mom exercise.jpg


Making a difference
- A true product of progressive education, I have always gravitated towards professions where I can see that I am helping people.  Being able to see the tangible physical and mental results and changes in the Mamas that come through and knowing we have played some role in helping moms achieve some internal satisfaction is a fantastic feeling to have day after day.

- Running my own business and knowing that each decision I make is my own: this is both on the most rewarding yet most terrifying list. 

Thanks to all of my friends, family and of course, to all of you, for your continued support!