My Journey to Mama Fit; How a Former CNN producer/NYPD Analyst Becomes a Fitness Entrepreneur

When I was 24 years old, working at CNN, I thought about being a personal trainer.  A lover of fitness, and as someone who wanted to "help" people, I purchased the ACE Personal Training manual.  I read the whole thing but did not take the test.  The timing didn't feel right. 

When I was 32 years old, working at the NYPD as in Intelligence Research Specialist, I thought about teaching Group Fitness Classes. I purchased the ACE Group Fitness Manual and read the whole thing.  Instead of taking the test, I decided to train for my third NYC Marathon. Something was still holding me back.

When I was 33 years old,  I became pregnant with my daughter, Sophia.  During a yoga class, I met a woman who was a fitness reporter.  Frustrated with all the misinformation out there as to what I could and couldn't do regarding exercise and pregnancy, I started writing about pre/post-natal fitness.  From November 2011 until July 2013, I wrote a column Baby Bump Fit Tips on  

I loved writing, reporting, and providing women with important information. But once I had Sophia, born March 2012, I realized there was another dilemma.  Not only did I have to rebuild my core muscles and pelvic floor, but quite literally, what was I supposed to do with Sophia when I worked out? She was too young for gym daycare and aside from the times when Kira Stokes would watch Sophia in the stroller while I would run stairs in Central Park, I started paying for baby sitters just so I could work out.  It was an expensive- yet necessary and important- habit.  

When Sophia was five months old, the opportunity to take over Fit 4 Mom Manhattan was presented to me. Fit 4 Mom, the largest pre/post-natal program in the country, with over 1000 franchises, allows moms to get a killer workout WHILE having their little one with them.  I was not ready to take over the franchise; but I WAS ready to finally take the ACE Group Fitness test, get certified and start teaching. 

I have now owned Fit 4 Mom Manhattan since March 2013; as I close in on my first year, I am certain this was the right decision for me.  Fit 4 Mom is part of Mama Fit; it is the group classes; you will get a total body workout while meeting other fantastic moms.  Mama Fit is recognizing that, as a mom, it is okay and at times necessary to address your needs.  

Time, time and time; the main reason why moms- both those who work outside the house and inside the house- find it challenging to work out. By attending my group class, or working with me one on one, I will help you incorporate fitness into your daily life.

I plan on writing here often; please check the blog and email me if there is anything specific you would like to read about.  

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!