A Little Bit of Sparkly in Our Lives....

Let's be honest;  many of us actually do care how our hair looks when we work out. A curly haired gal, I have always been concerned and now that I am often in front of many, I care more.  

Enter Sparkly Soul. The bands are great.  The company, run by sisters Dari and Pamela, based in New York and produced in Brooklyn,  there are thinner bands that you could wear and double up or the thicker band.  The sparkle goes all around and the band does not give you the typical head ache.

Both Dari and Pamela are marathon runners and triathletes; so the bands definitely will stay on for the grueling 26.2 miles, for a shorter jog, or for a more casual day.  

Thanks to UWS Jack Rabbit, who has been keeping our moms and little ones nice and warm during this winter, we were able to have Sparkly Soul come speak to us about their product one day in March where, yes, it was still probably 20 degrees outside.  I got Sophia to try one on with me, (although she was somewhat distracted by the band...)

In honor of Fit4Mom's Upper East side launch this week, Sparkly Soul is providing those who attend a 20% discount.  Come to class and I will give you the code.