Helping Kim Kardashian lose that baby weight

Kim Kardashian wants to lose her baby weight... so do we!!

Don't we all feel like our hips and butts are huge sometimes?! While there is no such thing as spot training, it is possible to target certain muscle areas over others. Here are three great lower body workouts that will help sculpt your thighs, glutes, and hips.

1.  Plies with one leg on stair

stand in a plie position, feet wider than hip distance, turned out.  Place one foot on a stair and the other on the ground.  Plie all the way down and up for ten.  Then pulse for ten and hold for ten.  Do other side.  Three times through.  This helps target your inner thighs



TRX with single leg lunge

Hold onto swing with both one foot on the ground, the other leg is back with the knee in a lunge position but in the air. Pull yourself up with the hands, standing on the one foot, bring that back knee in and lower.  Do ten then pulse for ten.  Do other side.  Three times through. This will help target your glutes; added bonus is helps you sculpt your upper body at the same time


3.  Step ups: 

(this is the step up move I described earlier).  While this focuses on glutes and thighs, the cardio component of the running up and down helps burn calories which also helps trim you down.


Added bonus to all; you can actually do all of these while watching your kid in the playground!