Playground Workout

Fall in the city means lots of time in playgrounds.  Why not incorporate your own workout while watching your child?

Check out these moves below:

Swing Work





1.    TRX with Swing: with or without your child in the swing.  Hold the sides of the swings, place your heels on the ground and lean backwards.  With a straight back, pull yourself up towards the swing and slowly let yourself go back to the starting position.  Repeat 12 reps.

Muscles targeted: Back, hamstrings, core






2.    TRX Lunge and lift: Start with one foot forward, the other one back, knee an inch from the ground in a lunge position.  Hands on sides of swing.  Pull yourself up and bring knee in towards the swing and go back into a lunge position.  Repeat 12 reps.  Do both sides.

Muscles targeted: Back, Glutes, core



3.    TRX Curtsy Lunge and kick: Start with one foot forward, the other leg behind the front leg, hips squared.  Hands on sides of swing. Lunge down into a curtsy lunge then pull yourself up and kick leg out.  Repeat 12 reps.  Do both sides 

Muscles targeted: Outer glutes, back, core.



Bench Work:


4.    Side planks on bench: great thing about this is you can do this while watching your child.  Choose a side, preferably in the direction where s/he is playing

Muscles targeted: core, obliques


5.    Tricep Dips on Bench: Starting position; sit on the bench with your fingers facing out.  Slide yourself off the bench and lower yourself down by bending at the elbow.  Then lift yourself back up. Repeat 12 reps

Muscles targeted: triceps



6.    Reverse Plank: Place palms flat on the bench, fingers pointing out. Straighten legs and lift up.  Hold for 30 seconds



Step Work


7.    Step-ups: Facing the step place your right foot up then left then down right and down left.  Go as fast as you are comfortable with for 30 seconds. Then lead with the other leg

 Muscles targeted: Cardio, glutes


8.    Side Up/Downs: Facing one direction, place your foot on the step, then the other foot then step both down.  Go as fast as you are comfortable for 30 seconds then the other side

Muscles targeted: Cardio, glutes


9.    Step-Plie: Stand with your legs wider than hip distance, one foot is on the step other is on the ground.  Feet turned out.  Lower down into a plie position and plie back up.  Repeat 12 times.  Then turn and have other foot on step.

 Muscles targeted: Inner thighs, glutes


Monkey Bars

10.   Monkey Bar Crunches: place your hands on the monkey bars.  Keep your legs down.  Lift one leg at a time so they are parallel to the ground.  Added challenge lift both at the same time

Do three times; first time walking lunges from each station; second time side lunges to each station; third time run to each station 



Challenge Move:

Slide Incline push-ups:  Place feet on slide.  Hands in push-up position, do a push-up.  Repeat 12