Mental Fitness for Mommies

I remember when Sophia was only a few weeks old; I was walking with one of my closest friends in Central Park.  My friend was a mom of two boys at the time (now a mom of three).  One her boys was about 7 weeks older than Sophia.  She said to me, “You need mom friends”

“But I have you,” I said.  And continued to list off a bunch of others. 

“No,” she said. “You need first time mom friends with infants Sophia’s age.”

With that in mind, I joined Renee Sullivan’s Babybites Moms Group .  It was an 8 week program, headed by a social worker, who helped guide us bleary eyed- sleep deprived moms.  I remembered anticipating with great excitement those Monday afternoons, where I knew I could ask all the questions about sleep I wanted and there would be people to commissorate and an experienced leader to lend advice. 

I made three mommy friends who- to this day- I consider three of my closest friends.  And you have seen them all from time to time frequent our Stroller Strides class ;)

Added Bonus? Sophia met her bestie, Maddie. 

I highly recommend Renee’s groups.  And lucky for all of you, she not only has new moms groups, but she has groups for working moms as well that begins on October 21 and October 23rd.

I asked Renee to give us a few wellness tips for this month:


Tip for Getting Everything Done - Do Less.

Quite simply, we have too much on our damn plates. Graciously decline some invitations. Schedule in a free weekend. Nothing is more refreshing and invigorating as an empty day in our calendar. Let go. Embrace being the perfect, imperfect parent.


Tip for Not Losing Your Mind - Make Space.

We are on the conveyor belt of crazy. Remember that episode of I Love Lucy with the chocolates? Yep - things keep on going faster and faster, and it won't stop unless we step away from the insanity. Powering down that Smart Phone an hour before bed, or having your first cup of java before checking your Facebook feed will make you feel human again. You do not need to know what your college roommate ate for breakfast, until after you peacefully have yours - promise.


Tip for Keeping Your Energy - Happy Shiny People.

We are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with. Who's getting you down? Cranky boss? Overworked husband? Goldfish Stomping Toddler? Negative Nelly? Whiny Wendy? Come 'on get happy! Set some "away time" from negative energies in your life - even an hour less can work wonders. And find some happy shiny people. Moms that are uplifting and inspiring.


Renee Sullivan, parent and lifestyle coach and founder of babybites moms groups, has connected four thousand smart, savvy, and social gals in our weekly groups since 2008.

To learn more about The Moms Groups from expectant to new moms to stay at home moms click here

Back at work? Working Moms Groups begin on Oct 21st and Oct 23rd - details here.