As a new mom, finding time to workout is incredibly challenging.  At The Fit Co, we do what we can to make working out as accessible and efficient as possible.  For this reason, we allow little ones at any of our classes, although generally speaking our 945, 10am and 11am classes are the most popular.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

1.  How old does my child have to be?

Generally, we see moms 4 weeks postpartum up until age 3 bringing their children. If a mom is home with two kids, we encourage her to bring both.

2.  What does my child do when I am working out?

It depends; when we are outside the children generally are in the stroller until towards the end of class where we go over to a grass area for ab work.  When we are inside, there are toys in the room and you have the option of taking him or her out of the stroller or leaving him or her in.  For very little babies, sometimes we put them on a yoga mat.  

3.  What if my child "won't stay" in the stroller?

We do what we can to distract your child while you work out.  If they are really little we will help rock the stroller so there is movement while you work out.  If they are older, we try to distract with toys, snacks, singing, interacting, and yes, even i-pad.  If you want to take your child out of the stroller, you may do so but it will be your responsibility to ensure your child's safety.

4.  What is the difference between MamaFit and Fusion?

Both MamaFit and Fusion are essentially the same class; cardio intervals, body toning and strength training with exercises that can be modified to be make more challenging and less challenging.  We have found that at certain time slots we have both moms bringing their little ones and people not bringing their little ones and since it is the same class it works.

5.  What is the difference between MamaFit and Buggy Barre?

Buggy Barre is a barre-inspired workout led by Jessica Pafko.  MamaFit is more total body cardio.

6.  Do I have to wear my baby during Buggy Barre?

No; he/she can be in the stroller or if inside on a yoga mat.

7.  Do I need to bring my baby to MamaFit/Buggy Barre?

No; the workout is designed to be focused on the mom and not the baby.  The baby is there so the mom doesn't have to get a baby sitter. 

8.  What if it rains?

We will be inside at The Fit Co. 

Sign up policy: We understand as a new mom, you need flexibility and often do not know until day of.  Please do your best to sign up the night before.  Drop ins are always welcome, but we cannot guarantee there’s will be space It is possible that if you are a monthly member, if you do not let us know the night before, that if we have no other sign ups we will not hold class the following day at that time or location.