2017 Marathon: #FivebeforeForty#fuckcancer

March 30th, 2017.  I woke up first thing, with a little head of blonde curls next to me.  Around 7:15 in the morning, the head began to move, little arms started to stretch from underneath the covers, and I started to sing Happy Birthday to my daughter who had turned five just hours before.

About six hours later I learned that, the very same morning, one of my closest friends from college, Lindsay, was saying her final goodbye to her father.

Lindsay's father had been fighting cancer; we all "knew" that this day would happen, yet I do not pretend to know what it must feel like to say goodbye to a parent. And when Lindsay's mother passed away from an entirely different form of cancer just shy of four weeks later, it was clear how unfair- and how utterly cruel- life truly can be.  

There are times when words just don't suffice.  This is one of those times.  Yet I will tell you that I do remember JoEllen and Marvin Kipnes very well.  I remember meeting them my freshman year at Cornell; I remember staying at their home in New Jersey over that Christmas break.  I remember their personalities, her mother strong, blunt and deeply loving; her father witty, charming, and the life of the party.  I remember his epic toast on Lindsay and Nick's wedding day ten years ago. 

While I cannot imagine what their children and grandchildren are going through, I can say that their presence is deeply missed.  

Running of Marathons: The History

I was twenty years old- my junior year of college- when I ran my first marathon. At this time, Lindsay was one of my roommates.   At age 20, I truly was more focused on college life and fun, and primarily relied on my youth and natural athletic ability to pull me through the 26.2 miles.  My longest training run being just 16 miles and doing no other cross training, it is no surprise that while I finished, I ended up with my slowest marathon time as well as tendinites in both knees and a stress fracture in my right tibia.  Needless to say, I spent the beginning of my junior semester abroad in Florence, Italy hobbling on the cobblestone streets in a walking boot.  

Almost a decade later, in 2007, Lindsay had decided she wanted to take on the grueling 26.2. She asked me to do it with her.  I hesitated.  But friends don't let friends run alone.  Learning from my previous mistakes, I took the training a lot more seriously, and included cross training such as yoga and high intensity interval training.  I ran a much faster, injury free race, and chose to do another NYC marathon in 2010 and my first post-baby marathon by running Houston in 2015.

Running This Marathon

For better or for worse, in good times and in bad, running has been a constant in my life. Growing up in a household where some of my earliest memories are of my parents coming home on a Saturdaymorning after a run, running is as integrated as my daily meals.  Lucky for me, my parents, who are both turning 70, are still healthy and running. 

This February, I will turn 40. What this means depends on the context of the question.  Here, it means I have been friends with Lindsay for more than half my life. It means that for almost 40 years, starting when I was at the finish line greeting my mom as she finished the 1979 NYC marathon that running has been a huge part of my life. It means that for almost half my life I have been running marathons. It means that for way over half my life- from age 8 when I was the only girl in our after school sports league where I then evolved to a three sport varsity captain in high school to then a fitness business owner- bringing people together through fitness and movement has been my lifelong journey.  As I get closer to the big 4-0, more and more friends and colleagues of mine are losing their beloved parents way too early to cancer. When words fail, which they do at these times, I know I can move. I can run.  I can honor.  

As I run the 2017 NYC Marathon, I will be doing so in honor of Marvin and JoEllen Kipnes who's lives were cut way too short.  

Please consider helping me honor their lives through my run by donating to their charities of choice.

In honor of Marvin Kipnes:

Allyson Ocean's research at Weill Cornell Medicine. The instructions are at follows:


In the “about your gift” section, please tell people to check “other” and specify it is for Dr. Allyson Ocean’s research.
And in the “Tribute” section, please tell people to write in Marvin Kipnes. 


In honor of JoEllen Kipnes


JoEllen had Luekemia and was under the care of Dr. Gail J. Roboz at Cornell Hospital.  Dr. Roboz was great throughout all of this and does amazing work. She runs a program called Leukemia Fighters devoted to the clinical and translational research projects of the Weill Cornell Leukemia Program.


Information on how to donate to that program can be found at the following link: https://cornellleukemia.com/leukemia-fighters/


PS Does This Make Me a Marathon Runner? 


For those of you who were at Marvin's funeral and heard the beautiful eulogy delivered by Lindsay, you know we would have to ask Marvin. He would likely have said yes. 

In Honor of National Single Parents Day

Happy National Single Parents Day!    


Hi All,

A few weeks ago, my client who is a mom of 17 month old boy twins, spent the weekend alone without her husband.  

"I don't know how you do it on the regular," she said to me during a session.  "Single parenting is no joke."
I have never considered myself a single parent.  Sophia's father is just as involved as I am, and we have two sets of grandparents- all living on the Upper West Side- as well as an amazing nanny.
What does this mean?  As a part-time single mom, I do get breaks.   I have never valued "me time" as much as I have now, and I know that is something my married friends, clients and colleagues who have kids, don't get. 
What this also means is that when I am with Sophia there is no one else to share both the triumphs and the challenges.  How her voice gets really loud with excitement and determination when her almost-five-year-old self is able to read a word.  When she asks the meaning of a word like the word "test." When she says "big" words like "extracting" when she is trying to say "distracting."  How endearing she is when, before she is asleep, she is in bed talking to herself and singing the songs she sang at school earlier in the day.  And yes; it is not all a picnic; there is no one else to help discipline when she disobeys, and no other set of hands when she can't sleep, gets sick, and wants water, breakfast, and help with her clothes, all at once.   After she is asleep at night, there is no one else there to sit with.  This is at times peaceful, lovely and incredibly rewarding, and at other times very lonely.  
I can only imagine the challenges yet ultimate fulfillment full-time single parents face; whether it be a widow/widower or a man or woman who decided to either biologically or adopt.  And of course, those who thought they would have a partner, but then suddenly did not.
" I always knew I wanted to have a child," a client of mine, Niki told me.  "I decided to BE a parent the moment I became pregnant.  I decided to be a single parent the moment my boyfriend decided he did not want the responsibility of being a parent."
When Niki was on maternity leave, with her adorable son Teo, she attended some of my MamaFit classes.  Despite the solo-sleep deprevation she was facing, as no one else was there to bear the burdeon, she still managed to get to class.
"The biggest challenge has been not having help, having to do everything alone. Not really getting that time out where a partner would take over," Niki, who doesn't have family nearby, continued.   

But the biggest reward?  "My son.  The love I am capable of and receive. He is the most amazing loving sweet strong willed little boy.  His smile makes everything ok.  Even when he is testing me (often) the love I have for him is overwhelming.  He has given my life a whole new meaning.  Coming home from work is like coming home to the winning lottery ticket every single day."  
The biggest surprises.  "How important coffee would become to me," Niki says with a laugh.  "I'm not joking.  I never realized it until I had my son. But I also never knew that I would need and have so much patience and that how my son would consume every part of me.  I also didn't know my apartment would look like a preschool. ;) How hard it would be to take a shower or how stressful the prospect of figuring out what school he would go to and the processes involved.  How lost I would feel at times and in a moment feel like I had figured it out only to be reminded that I don't. How sometimes the most routine things become the most challenging to do i.e. meal time, changing a diaper would be like wrestling an oiled piglet at the state fair."
Advice? "The best piece of advice for anyone who is faced by choice or unexpectedly with becoming a single parent is that you can do it.  It seems overwhelming and impossible and it can be overwhelming at times but it is totally possible.  Surround yourself with a strong support network especially other new moms and moms who have done it already.  Don't stress the small stuff and enjoy every moment.  It sounds cliche but it's so true it goes by so fast. Cherish it, because having a child is one of the ultimate blessings."

For those of you who are, or anyone who knows any single parents, please forward this on.  We are extending them a discount off of our 4 pack (normally $120, discounted at $80 which is valued as one free class) if purchased by 3/31.  Knowing the challenges they face they are welcome to bring their kid with them to ANY Fit Co class.  

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Seasons Greeting & Gift Guide

Seasons Greetings!


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The Why's Behind Post-Natal Fitness

As a sole business owner, you are always “on”.  As passionate as I am about The Fit Co and as grateful as I feel to be doing exactly what I love, I know there are times when I need to turn it off and take a mental break.  
Before The Fit Co, I was focused solely on new mom fitness with my signature MamaFit Classes.  Even though the upper west side was a perfect opportunity to recruit new clients, playground time with Sophia was one of those times I designated as a no-work time.  Still, conversations about fitness and work organically occurred and I remember a few years ago speaking with a mom while pushing Sophia on a swing who was there with her child.  Her husband owned a Physical Therapy company, and we were discussing the challenges new moms face fitting exercise into their lives.
A few months ago, I was contacted by Megan Mizrachi of Zion Physical Therapy.  Some of their clients had been coming to The Fit Co’s MamaFit and Buggy Barre classes.  These clients in particular were suffering from some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction and appreciated our classes as we modify to adjust to the needs of our clients.  Turns out that Saul Zion, owner of Zion PT, is the husband of the woman I was speaking with at the playground that day.  
On Tuesday, September 20th, The Fit Co will be at Zion PT's new Upper West Side location.  We will host a class, while the specialists at Zion PT will provide insight into what is happening with your post-natal body.  Zion PT is taking questions in advance to be discussed so if you have any please email Megan in advance: meghan@zionpt.com


Event: Tuesday September 20th 10am
Location: 310 West 72nd Street
Cost: $25 (first five sign up will be eligible to win a PT consult)

We will meet at Zion PT; if weather is nice we will do workout in Riverside Park and finish with Abs and Q and A with some snacks at Zion PT

*Bring your own mat, babies welcome

Here is more info on Zion PT
How ZION PT became specialized in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:
 Zion PT's beginnings with pelvic floor were serendipitous. A few years ago (when there were only two Zion PTs) our female therapist started to receive calls from female clients about pelvic floor issues they were having. Staci began studying pelvic floor PT and her interest continued to grow. Around this time, Saul Zion and his wife had their first baby. He was able to recognize this need as they searched for a pelvic floor specialist near their home. It was then that he decided that his facility would make Pelvic Floor PT a priority, and also to expand from East to West side to make sure women had access and raise awareness about pelvic floor dysfunction. 

How ZION PT works with clients:
We meet clients where they are. The patient has the lead throughout the entire process so that we can maintain an open and trusting relationship and stay within their comfort zone. We try to create a conducive environment, with lots of patient education, private treatment rooms, and a calming atmosphere. Because it is a burgeoning field, we hire PTs who are avid learners, willing to seek for the answers that remain unanswered and stay abreast of the latest research in this field. 

A Morning with the Founder

Laura Kovall, the founder of The Fit Co. NYC is many things, a group fitness instructor, business owner, mother and apparently a morning person. This detail stands out to me, as a wanna-be morning person. Laura has gotten me out of my cozy bed with her super energizing Fusion workouts before but today I woke early for a chance to see how she starts her day. I am fascinated by the daily habits of fit and successful people and Laura makes a great subject. Perhaps one of these habits will add value to my life, or yours! 

I took the 1 train to the UWS and made it out of the elevator and was at Laura's door by 8:30. She opened it with a big smile, and invited me in. 

Laura was dressed in her signature designer athletic garb. The uniform of a fitness maven. She explained to me the the first steps in her morning routine had already happened before I had arrived. Waking up her daughter Sophia, getting her ready and sending her off to her last days at summer camp. 

Once Mom duty is over she gets on her yoga mat and practices an Ashtanga yoga series.

Read More

How To Stay Healthy During July 4th Holidays

Everything in moderation.  At The Fit Co, we are all about fitting fitness into your life, not your life around fitness.  We also believe in balance.  Wellness is a marathon not a sprint; so find behaviors that will sustain you long term.  I don’t believe in 21 day fixes, extreme diets or extreme exercise; they are not sustainable, and once you stop you are likely to revert back to your old ways. 
Yes, I love exercise.  Overall I am a healthy eater.  However, I do enjoy food and when people says they have a vice that is chocolate or cheese or wine, unfortunately for me I love all three.  When I am with friends and family, I want to enjoy.  And I don’t want to feel guilty about it.  
This July fourth holiday, I will be in Nashville, Tennessee for a good family friend’s wedding.  They asked Sophia to be a flower girl. Excited to see Sophia in this role, I am sure I will be in full celebration mode.  But I still don’t want to leave the three day weekend feeling in desperate need of a detox.  Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your time while still being mindful.
Here are some Tips!
Exercise Bursts
Cardio bursts help spike your metabolism.  Why not have a higher metabolism when consuming more food and beverage than the norm?

Here are a few options:

1.  Tabatas: four minute cardio intervals.  20 seconds one exercise, 10 seconds active recovery, 20 seconds of another exercise.  Each exercise is done four times through.

 For example:
 Exercise one: 20 seconds of squat jumps, 
10 seconds active recovery by holding your squat
Exercise two: 20 seconds of burpees
10 seconds active recovery hold a forearm plank
2.  AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) for two minutes: choose 4 different exercises and do 8 reps as many rounds as possible
For For example: 8 jumping jacks, 8 burpees, 8 mountain climbers, 8 squat jumps as many times as possible in two minutes

Keep in mind; all these suggestions are body weight only so you can do this in a hotel, in a living room, outside on the grass, even on a boardwalk.  Consider doing 3 tabatas and interject with core work or 4 AMRAPS with core work. 

Examples of core work: planks (forearm and side planks), bicycles (on your back, bring one elbow to the opposite knee then switch), 30-60-90s (lower legs to 60 degrees then 30 and back up to 60 then 90 making sure your back is glued to the ground)

This may seem obvious; but when I drink more water I always feel better.  Especially in extreme heat, or if drinking, drinking water in between tends to cleanse my system more and may even satiate me more so I don’t go for that extra drink or food.  

Here are some more tips from our resident health coach Pamela:

Plan your food

Whether you are going on a road trip, beach trip or a backyard BBQ, planning out your food will help you make healthy choices when hunger suddenly strikes!
  • Pack Snacks! Sliced apples, banana and peanut butter, cut up veggies and hummus and nut mix are great options
  • Map out restaurants with healthy choices along the way
  • At a BBQ get in those greens from salad and other veggies along with those burgers and hot dogs!
From long hours traveling, to sleeping in a bed thats not your own, our bodies may feel stiff and out of sorts. To combat this, do this simple stretch series, before and after car or plane travel and when you wake up in the morning.
  • Slowly rotate neck back to the side, chin to chest then back around. (alternate direction)
  • Raise arms above head and stretch to the sky
  • Dive arms forward into a forward bend and let your full weight fall forward.
  • Twist your torso and arms as you look over one shoulder then twist whole body to look over other shoulder. 
Stay fit and have a great 4th!