After ClassPass? Time To Get To Know Our Clients

Fitness is a marathon; not a sprint. That is what I tell my clients. So when I'm about to teach my fusion class, a class based on HIIT principles, and I ask clients if they are injured and I hear no, just sore and tired from doubling up the day before, I cringe. 

The unsustainable $125 ClassPass all access to over 600 studios in the Tristate area model- for some- created a situation where people were working out too much. The 125 all access literally drove some to injury and created a situation where ClassPass was paying studios more than they probably envisioned (hence the price hike). It was only a matter of time until overall burnout and a crash prevailed. 

The rat race of as many bodies in the door and as many workouts on ClassPass dime is over: or at least tempered. We all are on pause.  Those who don't want to pay more but want access to boutique studios for a good price will stay at the $125 for ten classes.  Those who are pissed will leave. And those diehards will choose boutique fitness over big gyms at a $200 price point. We will have more of an idea during the next month when people's monthly cycles with ClassPass run out and they make their decision of whether to stay or go. 

So what does this all mean?

We all have to think twice. Those who only have ten classes will think twice about which studio they will attend much less about doubling up. For us studio owners no longer can we expect tons of new clients searching for classes in the area and deciding to try last minute because why not. We can, however, expect to see more of those who had been coming 3 times a month either through the ClassPass core package for $125 or through direct package purchases. 

I have recently been asked: who is my core client? I know what my company offers; I know who I think my core client is. But the influx of ClassPass members who can go unlimited makes it harder. With so much competition out there, Are people coming because they can and you're convenient or because they love you? 

The rat race is on pause; we now have time to do what we really should have been doing all along, yet felt compelled to keep up with the 24/7 nature of things.  It is time to get to know you- our core clients. I look forward to getting to know you better than I ever have before.