The New Five Minute Workout: Stronger Core and Better Sex

Your body is a kinetic chain. For anyone who has ever been injured you will notice that where the pain is located is often not the site of injury. I was not surprised when my client who had shoulder pain it was actually due to tendinitis in her bicep. When a client tells me she is experiencing lower back pain more often then not it is due to a weakened core and I notice her back popping off the ground when doing core exercises
The body's ability to overcompensate causes one area to engage more when another is less able. 

So what does a stronger core have to do with better sex?

Kegals: Not Just Your Mothers Workout

Kegals engage your pelvic floor muscles. Most people associate the need for pelvic floor engagement for those who just had a baby. While this is true new moms are not alone. 

There are a host of reasons why both moms and no moms alike benefit from kegaling. In most extreme situations a weakened pelvic floor leads to incontinence and prolapse. This can come with something as common as aging. But there are other reasons why.

Are your kegals strong enough? Enter The Elvie

When in plank, a fitness professional or a client with body awareness knows when their form is correct.  When squatting, lunging, almost all fitness moves, you or someone working with you knows if you are doing it the right way.  With kegaling, not so much. 

The Elvie, is the first product developed by a British women's tech company called Chiaro. It is a device that actually tells you, after insertion, if you are doing your kegals the right way. The Elvie connects to your iPhone and shows you using bio-feedback technology if you have the right form for your kegal.  The Elvie app also has fun and challenging pelvic floor workouts. At The Fit Co, we are all about efficient fitness, so I was thrilled to learn that the Elvie utilizes it's a very effective five minute workout to help you strengthen your pelvic floor with quality kegals.  The Elvie will tell you when to lift, when to relax, and when to pulse.  It will measure the strength of your kegals and keep track so you have a baseline to go back to for next time.

Back to the Kenetic Chain...

A stronger pelvic floor leads to a stronger core which ultimately leads to better sex.

Elvie unabashedly brings this up as a positive enhancement. When their rep first came to The Fit Co to introduce the product to our team, better sex was one of the first things mentioned.   Why?  Because it's eye catchy (let's be honest, putting sex in the title probably increased the chances of you reading this post), it's honest, and it is something we all relate to.  Yes, there are those who have more severe conditions in which kegaling becomes incredibly important; but as we could all benefit from it, why not emphasize those factors?

Just Breathe....

So, for only five minutes a day, while watching TV, before sleep, right when you wake up, why not use the Elvie?  Like anything else, just make sure that, right before kegaling, you inhale and breathe through it.  

To purchase Elvie, click at and use $20 discount code FITCO20
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