How To Stay Healthy During July 4th Holidays

Everything in moderation.  At The Fit Co, we are all about fitting fitness into your life, not your life around fitness.  We also believe in balance.  Wellness is a marathon not a sprint; so find behaviors that will sustain you long term.  I don’t believe in 21 day fixes, extreme diets or extreme exercise; they are not sustainable, and once you stop you are likely to revert back to your old ways. 
Yes, I love exercise.  Overall I am a healthy eater.  However, I do enjoy food and when people says they have a vice that is chocolate or cheese or wine, unfortunately for me I love all three.  When I am with friends and family, I want to enjoy.  And I don’t want to feel guilty about it.  
This July fourth holiday, I will be in Nashville, Tennessee for a good family friend’s wedding.  They asked Sophia to be a flower girl. Excited to see Sophia in this role, I am sure I will be in full celebration mode.  But I still don’t want to leave the three day weekend feeling in desperate need of a detox.  Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your time while still being mindful.
Here are some Tips!
Exercise Bursts
Cardio bursts help spike your metabolism.  Why not have a higher metabolism when consuming more food and beverage than the norm?

Here are a few options:

1.  Tabatas: four minute cardio intervals.  20 seconds one exercise, 10 seconds active recovery, 20 seconds of another exercise.  Each exercise is done four times through.

 For example:
 Exercise one: 20 seconds of squat jumps, 
10 seconds active recovery by holding your squat
Exercise two: 20 seconds of burpees
10 seconds active recovery hold a forearm plank
2.  AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) for two minutes: choose 4 different exercises and do 8 reps as many rounds as possible
For For example: 8 jumping jacks, 8 burpees, 8 mountain climbers, 8 squat jumps as many times as possible in two minutes

Keep in mind; all these suggestions are body weight only so you can do this in a hotel, in a living room, outside on the grass, even on a boardwalk.  Consider doing 3 tabatas and interject with core work or 4 AMRAPS with core work. 

Examples of core work: planks (forearm and side planks), bicycles (on your back, bring one elbow to the opposite knee then switch), 30-60-90s (lower legs to 60 degrees then 30 and back up to 60 then 90 making sure your back is glued to the ground)

This may seem obvious; but when I drink more water I always feel better.  Especially in extreme heat, or if drinking, drinking water in between tends to cleanse my system more and may even satiate me more so I don’t go for that extra drink or food.  

Here are some more tips from our resident health coach Pamela:

Plan your food

Whether you are going on a road trip, beach trip or a backyard BBQ, planning out your food will help you make healthy choices when hunger suddenly strikes!
  • Pack Snacks! Sliced apples, banana and peanut butter, cut up veggies and hummus and nut mix are great options
  • Map out restaurants with healthy choices along the way
  • At a BBQ get in those greens from salad and other veggies along with those burgers and hot dogs!
From long hours traveling, to sleeping in a bed thats not your own, our bodies may feel stiff and out of sorts. To combat this, do this simple stretch series, before and after car or plane travel and when you wake up in the morning.
  • Slowly rotate neck back to the side, chin to chest then back around. (alternate direction)
  • Raise arms above head and stretch to the sky
  • Dive arms forward into a forward bend and let your full weight fall forward.
  • Twist your torso and arms as you look over one shoulder then twist whole body to look over other shoulder. 
Stay fit and have a great 4th!