A Morning with the Founder

I met with our founder, Laura Kovall and got a behind the scenes look at her morning routine.

Laura Kovall, the founder of The Fit Co. NYC is many things, a group fitness instructor, business owner, mother and apparently a morning person. This detail stands out to me, as a wanna-be morning person. Laura has gotten me out of my cozy bed with her super energizing Fusion workouts before but today I woke early for a chance to see how she starts her day. I am fascinated by the daily habits of fit and successful people and Laura makes a great subject. Perhaps one of these habits will add value to my life, or yours! 

I took the 1 train to the UWS and made it out of the elevator and was at Laura's door by 8:30. She opened it with a big smile, and invited me in. 

Laura was dressed in her signature designer athletic garb. The uniform of a fitness maven. She explained to me the the first steps in her morning routine had already happened before I had arrived. Waking up her daughter Sophia, getting her ready and sending her off to her last days at summer camp. 

Once Mom duty is over she gets on her yoga mat and practices an Ashtanga yoga series.



Meal Prep

Next step: Laura packs a healthy lunch to take with her to the Fit Co. Fuel is important to keep her going on days where she teaches multiple classes. 



Laura loves her coffee, she drinks it iced on summer days. This morning she is drinking Red Thread Good Cold Brew Coffee, she brought back with her from Sylvester & Co in Sag Harbor where her family has a weekend home. 

coffee .JPG


Lastly, Laura checks her email, looks at the days schedule and does some work before heading to the Fit Co.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed being a fly on the wall of Laura's morning as much as I did! 

Now I want to hear from you, do you practice one of Laura's daily habits? Is there one part of Laura's morning routine you want to try?

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By: Pamela Goldberg