The Why's Behind Post-Natal Fitness

As a sole business owner, you are always “on”.  As passionate as I am about The Fit Co and as grateful as I feel to be doing exactly what I love, I know there are times when I need to turn it off and take a mental break.  
Before The Fit Co, I was focused solely on new mom fitness with my signature MamaFit Classes.  Even though the upper west side was a perfect opportunity to recruit new clients, playground time with Sophia was one of those times I designated as a no-work time.  Still, conversations about fitness and work organically occurred and I remember a few years ago speaking with a mom while pushing Sophia on a swing who was there with her child.  Her husband owned a Physical Therapy company, and we were discussing the challenges new moms face fitting exercise into their lives.
A few months ago, I was contacted by Megan Mizrachi of Zion Physical Therapy.  Some of their clients had been coming to The Fit Co’s MamaFit and Buggy Barre classes.  These clients in particular were suffering from some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction and appreciated our classes as we modify to adjust to the needs of our clients.  Turns out that Saul Zion, owner of Zion PT, is the husband of the woman I was speaking with at the playground that day.  
On Tuesday, September 20th, The Fit Co will be at Zion PT's new Upper West Side location.  We will host a class, while the specialists at Zion PT will provide insight into what is happening with your post-natal body.  Zion PT is taking questions in advance to be discussed so if you have any please email Megan in advance:


Event: Tuesday September 20th 10am
Location: 310 West 72nd Street
Cost: $25 (first five sign up will be eligible to win a PT consult)

We will meet at Zion PT; if weather is nice we will do workout in Riverside Park and finish with Abs and Q and A with some snacks at Zion PT

*Bring your own mat, babies welcome

Here is more info on Zion PT
How ZION PT became specialized in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:
 Zion PT's beginnings with pelvic floor were serendipitous. A few years ago (when there were only two Zion PTs) our female therapist started to receive calls from female clients about pelvic floor issues they were having. Staci began studying pelvic floor PT and her interest continued to grow. Around this time, Saul Zion and his wife had their first baby. He was able to recognize this need as they searched for a pelvic floor specialist near their home. It was then that he decided that his facility would make Pelvic Floor PT a priority, and also to expand from East to West side to make sure women had access and raise awareness about pelvic floor dysfunction. 

How ZION PT works with clients:
We meet clients where they are. The patient has the lead throughout the entire process so that we can maintain an open and trusting relationship and stay within their comfort zone. We try to create a conducive environment, with lots of patient education, private treatment rooms, and a calming atmosphere. Because it is a burgeoning field, we hire PTs who are avid learners, willing to seek for the answers that remain unanswered and stay abreast of the latest research in this field.