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Seasons Greetings!


At The The Fit. Co,  you know we are all about efficiency. That's why we did the hard work for you and put together some amazing holiday gift ideas and discounts. 

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Don't forget to treat yourself!  You deserve it!

The Fit Co. On the Go-- Stay fit with us over the Holidays. Whether, you are traveling and want to keep up your fitness routine or want to share these amazing full body workouts with your bestie who lives far away. These videos make a great gift!

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The Why's Behind Post-Natal Fitness

As a sole business owner, you are always “on”.  As passionate as I am about The Fit Co and as grateful as I feel to be doing exactly what I love, I know there are times when I need to turn it off and take a mental break.  
Before The Fit Co, I was focused solely on new mom fitness with my signature MamaFit Classes.  Even though the upper west side was a perfect opportunity to recruit new clients, playground time with Sophia was one of those times I designated as a no-work time.  Still, conversations about fitness and work organically occurred and I remember a few years ago speaking with a mom while pushing Sophia on a swing who was there with her child.  Her husband owned a Physical Therapy company, and we were discussing the challenges new moms face fitting exercise into their lives.
A few months ago, I was contacted by Megan Mizrachi of Zion Physical Therapy.  Some of their clients had been coming to The Fit Co’s MamaFit and Buggy Barre classes.  These clients in particular were suffering from some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction and appreciated our classes as we modify to adjust to the needs of our clients.  Turns out that Saul Zion, owner of Zion PT, is the husband of the woman I was speaking with at the playground that day.  
On Tuesday, September 20th, The Fit Co will be at Zion PT's new Upper West Side location.  We will host a class, while the specialists at Zion PT will provide insight into what is happening with your post-natal body.  Zion PT is taking questions in advance to be discussed so if you have any please email Megan in advance:


Event: Tuesday September 20th 10am
Location: 310 West 72nd Street
Cost: $25 (first five sign up will be eligible to win a PT consult)

We will meet at Zion PT; if weather is nice we will do workout in Riverside Park and finish with Abs and Q and A with some snacks at Zion PT

*Bring your own mat, babies welcome

Here is more info on Zion PT
How ZION PT became specialized in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:
 Zion PT's beginnings with pelvic floor were serendipitous. A few years ago (when there were only two Zion PTs) our female therapist started to receive calls from female clients about pelvic floor issues they were having. Staci began studying pelvic floor PT and her interest continued to grow. Around this time, Saul Zion and his wife had their first baby. He was able to recognize this need as they searched for a pelvic floor specialist near their home. It was then that he decided that his facility would make Pelvic Floor PT a priority, and also to expand from East to West side to make sure women had access and raise awareness about pelvic floor dysfunction. 

How ZION PT works with clients:
We meet clients where they are. The patient has the lead throughout the entire process so that we can maintain an open and trusting relationship and stay within their comfort zone. We try to create a conducive environment, with lots of patient education, private treatment rooms, and a calming atmosphere. Because it is a burgeoning field, we hire PTs who are avid learners, willing to seek for the answers that remain unanswered and stay abreast of the latest research in this field. 

A Morning with the Founder

Laura Kovall, the founder of The Fit Co. NYC is many things, a group fitness instructor, business owner, mother and apparently a morning person. This detail stands out to me, as a wanna-be morning person. Laura has gotten me out of my cozy bed with her super energizing Fusion workouts before but today I woke early for a chance to see how she starts her day. I am fascinated by the daily habits of fit and successful people and Laura makes a great subject. Perhaps one of these habits will add value to my life, or yours! 

I took the 1 train to the UWS and made it out of the elevator and was at Laura's door by 8:30. She opened it with a big smile, and invited me in. 

Laura was dressed in her signature designer athletic garb. The uniform of a fitness maven. She explained to me the the first steps in her morning routine had already happened before I had arrived. Waking up her daughter Sophia, getting her ready and sending her off to her last days at summer camp. 

Once Mom duty is over she gets on her yoga mat and practices an Ashtanga yoga series.

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How To Stay Healthy During July 4th Holidays

Everything in moderation.  At The Fit Co, we are all about fitting fitness into your life, not your life around fitness.  We also believe in balance.  Wellness is a marathon not a sprint; so find behaviors that will sustain you long term.  I don’t believe in 21 day fixes, extreme diets or extreme exercise; they are not sustainable, and once you stop you are likely to revert back to your old ways. 
Yes, I love exercise.  Overall I am a healthy eater.  However, I do enjoy food and when people says they have a vice that is chocolate or cheese or wine, unfortunately for me I love all three.  When I am with friends and family, I want to enjoy.  And I don’t want to feel guilty about it.  
This July fourth holiday, I will be in Nashville, Tennessee for a good family friend’s wedding.  They asked Sophia to be a flower girl. Excited to see Sophia in this role, I am sure I will be in full celebration mode.  But I still don’t want to leave the three day weekend feeling in desperate need of a detox.  Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your time while still being mindful.
Here are some Tips!
Exercise Bursts
Cardio bursts help spike your metabolism.  Why not have a higher metabolism when consuming more food and beverage than the norm?

Here are a few options:

1.  Tabatas: four minute cardio intervals.  20 seconds one exercise, 10 seconds active recovery, 20 seconds of another exercise.  Each exercise is done four times through.

 For example:
 Exercise one: 20 seconds of squat jumps, 
10 seconds active recovery by holding your squat
Exercise two: 20 seconds of burpees
10 seconds active recovery hold a forearm plank
2.  AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) for two minutes: choose 4 different exercises and do 8 reps as many rounds as possible
For For example: 8 jumping jacks, 8 burpees, 8 mountain climbers, 8 squat jumps as many times as possible in two minutes

Keep in mind; all these suggestions are body weight only so you can do this in a hotel, in a living room, outside on the grass, even on a boardwalk.  Consider doing 3 tabatas and interject with core work or 4 AMRAPS with core work. 

Examples of core work: planks (forearm and side planks), bicycles (on your back, bring one elbow to the opposite knee then switch), 30-60-90s (lower legs to 60 degrees then 30 and back up to 60 then 90 making sure your back is glued to the ground)

This may seem obvious; but when I drink more water I always feel better.  Especially in extreme heat, or if drinking, drinking water in between tends to cleanse my system more and may even satiate me more so I don’t go for that extra drink or food.  

Here are some more tips from our resident health coach Pamela:

Plan your food

Whether you are going on a road trip, beach trip or a backyard BBQ, planning out your food will help you make healthy choices when hunger suddenly strikes!
  • Pack Snacks! Sliced apples, banana and peanut butter, cut up veggies and hummus and nut mix are great options
  • Map out restaurants with healthy choices along the way
  • At a BBQ get in those greens from salad and other veggies along with those burgers and hot dogs!
From long hours traveling, to sleeping in a bed thats not your own, our bodies may feel stiff and out of sorts. To combat this, do this simple stretch series, before and after car or plane travel and when you wake up in the morning.
  • Slowly rotate neck back to the side, chin to chest then back around. (alternate direction)
  • Raise arms above head and stretch to the sky
  • Dive arms forward into a forward bend and let your full weight fall forward.
  • Twist your torso and arms as you look over one shoulder then twist whole body to look over other shoulder. 
Stay fit and have a great 4th!

The New Five Minute Workout: Stronger Core and Better Sex

Your body is a kinetic chain. For anyone who has ever been injured you will notice that where the pain is located is often not the site of injury. I was not surprised when my client who had shoulder pain it was actually due to tendinitis in her bicep. When a client tells me she is experiencing lower back pain more often then not it is due to a weakened core and I notice her back popping off the ground when doing core exercises
The body's ability to overcompensate causes one area to engage more when another is less able. 

So what does a stronger core have to do with better sex?

Kegals: Not Just Your Mothers Workout

Kegals engage your pelvic floor muscles. Most people associate the need for pelvic floor engagement for those who just had a baby. While this is true new moms are not alone. 

There are a host of reasons why both moms and no moms alike benefit from kegaling. In most extreme situations a weakened pelvic floor leads to incontinence and prolapse. This can come with something as common as aging. But there are other reasons why.

Are your kegals strong enough? Enter The Elvie

When in plank, a fitness professional or a client with body awareness knows when their form is correct.  When squatting, lunging, almost all fitness moves, you or someone working with you knows if you are doing it the right way.  With kegaling, not so much. 

The Elvie, is the first product developed by a British women's tech company called Chiaro. It is a device that actually tells you, after insertion, if you are doing your kegals the right way. The Elvie connects to your iPhone and shows you using bio-feedback technology if you have the right form for your kegal.  The Elvie app also has fun and challenging pelvic floor workouts. At The Fit Co, we are all about efficient fitness, so I was thrilled to learn that the Elvie utilizes it's a very effective five minute workout to help you strengthen your pelvic floor with quality kegals.  The Elvie will tell you when to lift, when to relax, and when to pulse.  It will measure the strength of your kegals and keep track so you have a baseline to go back to for next time.

Back to the Kenetic Chain...

A stronger pelvic floor leads to a stronger core which ultimately leads to better sex.

Elvie unabashedly brings this up as a positive enhancement. When their rep first came to The Fit Co to introduce the product to our team, better sex was one of the first things mentioned.   Why?  Because it's eye catchy (let's be honest, putting sex in the title probably increased the chances of you reading this post), it's honest, and it is something we all relate to.  Yes, there are those who have more severe conditions in which kegaling becomes incredibly important; but as we could all benefit from it, why not emphasize those factors?

Just Breathe....

So, for only five minutes a day, while watching TV, before sleep, right when you wake up, why not use the Elvie?  Like anything else, just make sure that, right before kegaling, you inhale and breathe through it.  

To purchase Elvie, click at and use $20 discount code FITCO20
Check out the blog post I wrote for Elvie Here!

On Divorce: How To Process in the Present


On October 24, 2009 in front of 225 friends and family at Tribeca Rooftop I got married. Wearing Vera Wang, hair and make-up done to (almost) perfection, I walked down the stairs from the covered roof to my parents who then escorted me to the man I was marrying that day.  After about a 20 minute ceremony, with the torrential rain banging against the glass ceiling above us, we were married. It was dramatic to say the least. 

On June 3, 2016 my marriage ended. 

We had been separated for just over two years but this marks the date where the paperwork was signed. Yes I knew it was coming. There were no surprises. And thankfully, it was not acrimonious.  But the extreme sadness and devastation I felt with the finality of it hit me to the core. I have felt it on and off over the past two years. But the finality is different all together. 

 There is a time to express and feel; there is a time to put on a brave face. There is a time to just sit in the moment with the discomfort and pain, but with the faith that someday this too shall pass. A smart friend of mine, also divorced, said to me “the only way through it is through it.”  I couldn’t agree more.Life is filled with loss. We all process in our own unique ways. I am not in the business of measuring one type of loss over another. But when in it, here are some ways I try to best cope 

Living in the moment-

For those of you who know me well you are now laughing; you know this is not one of my strengths. I am constantly planning the next- or at least thinking about it. It is exhausting and I know those closest to me find it tiresome as well. In the first few days afterwards, I had a different emotion every few minutes.  Probably heightened by the fact that the day after my paperwork was signed I went to my 20th High School Reunion.  Therefore, I realize there is nothing to do but sit in the moment. Let any emotion that comes and acknowledge it. Embrace feeling happy; recognize sadness; find comfort in excitement.  When I started thinking about the future; I found myself completely overwhelmed.  This is the first time in my life where I truly understand the meaning take it day to day. 

How to live in the moment


For the next 40 minutes I am going to only focus on my clients.  For the next game I am playing with my daughter it is all about Bingo. For as long as my fingers type I am thinking about this sentence I am writing.  

When I feel my mind start creeping away from me I go right back to the focus on the present.  With my clients, there are people there to see me and I must give them what they deserve.  When I am with Sophia, I do remember life does go quick and I don’t want to miss a moment of it with her.  And, when I feel sad and I am not teaching or in a position where I have to put on my brave face I let myself feel it completely.  It’s scary as anything; but necessary.

Find your movement: 

Running was always my go-to.  But with the recent stress fracture I have had to figure out other alternatives.  Even before the stress fracture, I found that in the past two years, during my separation, aside from running the Houston Marathon running is not as peaceful to me as it once was.This past weekend, my movement was Yoga.  On Saturday I took myself through the primary ashtanga series on my own.  Ironically, during this practice, I) actually found myself deeper in two positions that have been challenging me since I started back in January.  On Sunday I went to a led class by an instructor I love.  In those moments I was able to come back to present and just focus. 

Just Sit:

We are under time constraints; we have work, responsibilities, errands to run, things to do.  But when you can honor the time to just sit, do it.  Acknowledge which emotions come up; if you don’t they will come out one way or another elsewhere.  

New Class- Fit it in 20

The Fit Co.’s Take on the One Minute Workout: Launch of The Fit Co.’s “Fit it in 20”

Research shows that a one minute “all out” workout is more effective than 45 minutes of moderate exercise.  What does this really mean?

At The Fit Co, efficiency is the name of the game.  The number one reason people don’t workout is time; our mission since we started was to strip away all the obstacles preventing you from working out.  Our workouts are total body, time efficient (you are done in under 45 minutes), you can be barefoot, and we don’t use a lot- if any- equipment nor do we need a lot of space.  Yet you will feel fully worked.

Now, however, it seems that if you are REALLY pressed for time, we can get you in and out in even half the time (so 20 minutes).  Here’s how:

The Fit Co’s Fit it in 20

  • What: We will give you four two minute cardio intervals where you do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of four cardio focused moves.  In between these four intervals there will be either a two minute weighted interval, a two minute ab interval or a two minute glute interval.  

  • Why: Doing intense exercise early on in a workout sustains your heart rate for the entire workout.  You will notice as you do the rest of the workout that the early push will make later efforts more challenging

  • When: we will launch Fit it in 20 on Wednesday, May 25th at 430 then 5pm.  For further updates please look at our schedule or email

How this Was Developed

Five weeks ago, when I was diagnosed with a stress fracture, I promised I would use that time to be effective.  It started with me writing again; a skill that had been dormant for a while.  Then, once I started to heal, I started to want to workout hard again, but I still needed to watch myself and monitor my injury.  

I was missing the HIIT (high intensity interval training) I was so used to doing; usually this encompassed impact exercises.  Three weeks post injury I felt comfortable doing some impact so I started doing 2 minute AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible) of four different cardio exercises.  My heart rate was definitely at its max.  Then, to “cool down” I added weights.  The weights kept my heart rate up, but I found that the AMRAP just beforehand sustains the heart rate at a higher level than it would have been.  I did this three more times through and found myself tired at the end. I looked at my watch and saw I had been working out for 20 minutes.

My additional thoughts: How important is time?

The more difference in your workouts; the better for your body.  If we had all the time in the world, I would recommend interval training one day, steady state cardio the next day, yoga a third day and strength training another.  

But for most of us, reality sets in and we are often battling a time crunch.  If your goal is to maintain or increase your fitness level, finding a workout that is time efficient, total body and challenging with cardio intervals is the way to go.  

If You Can’t Make it into The Fit Co….

We are developing The Fit Co’s Fit it in 20 program online with mini videos supplemented with the workout written out.  For more information please contact

ClassPass verses Equinox: Why You Should Commit to the Boutique Fitness Scene

Now that the unlimited ClassPass rate is close to, if not equal to, Equinox, many fitness consumers are questioning why they wouldn’t just join Equinox.  Here are some important factors for you to consider and why I personally chose the boutique fitness scene instead of the fitness empire.

Specialized Fitness verses Convenience

I am not an Equinox enthusiast.  Yes, their spaces are luxurious and the unlimited use of Kiehl products in their locker rooms an added bonus.  From a convenience factor, they are literally within every two miles- if not every- mile in Manhattan and they are continuously expanding.  If I want to hop on the nearest treadmill at almost any time at any place in a spa-like atmosphere with a plush newly washed towel waiting for me to wipe my sweat; sign me up.

But I don’t.

What many don’t know about Equinox is that their instructors are required to sign non-competes.  They are not allowed to teach at another club or studio within a two mile radius of Equinox.  As Equinox- or something owned by Equinox (i.e. Pure Yoga, Blink Fitness, previously Soulcycle before it went public) – is virtually in every mile in Manhattan, this knocks out pretty much an entire borough where the boutique fitness scene is hoping, as well as areas in Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island and elsewhere. 

What Does This Mean?

There are some very talented Equinox instructors.  I am not claiming that there are none.  However, when you put such restrictions on people trying to earn a living, people will leave.  Talent will go elsewhere.  Wouldn’t you?

This is where the boutique fitness studio scene enters; whether it’s The Fit Co or elsewhere, boutique studios specialize in the fitness class in which they provide.  We train our instructors so they understand our method and teach accordingly.  We are passionate about the type of fitness we do offer and want that to translate to our clients experience and fitness level.   Yes, some boutique studios do have their instructors sign non-competes (we do not do this at The Fit Co).  But we don’t exist on every block so it is way less restrictive. 

Quality verses Quantity

It comes down to what you value most; convenience or quality?

I am not saying Equinox has no quality; I am simply saying the boutique fitness scene- as a whole- offers a higher caliber.  Prior to becoming a fitness professional, I faced this choice and I chose to leave Equinox because of the talent drain I saw.  That was my choice.

Of course, now as a studio owner, I am biased.  I believe it is the quality of the workouts not the quantity you do.  It is better for your body, it is better for your mind, and ultimately, if you think of it as quality and not quantity, it is better for your schedule. 

That being said, I do believe some level of convenience is certainly important.  Without it, working out may feel daunting and without accessibility, we set our clients up for failure in their fitness goals.  I designed The Fit Co with this in mind; we offer a range of quality workouts throughout the day so you can have access to a range of quality, time efficient workouts.  You don’t need to come every day; by coming a few times a week and working hard when you are here, you will see and feel a difference. 

For The Boutique Studio Scene to Succeed….

We need you.  Without clients, it does not matter how good our product is, or what community we have created.  We are smaller, often independently owned, and given our smaller size, know our clients.  We hear our clients direct, and often make decisions based on first hand feedback received.  By offering a quality, unique and more personalized service, whether you stay on ClassPass or choose a studio and purchases packages direct, or a combination of both, we hope you continue to support the boutique fitness studios.  

Yoga Therapy: Moving to Cure

Week one of stress fracture consisted of an almost total body shut down. The exhaustion that had been built up set in and no amount of sleep seemed to be enough. My body didn't want physical exercise. It just wanted rest. 

Luckily for me, the majority of my classes I teach are Monday's through Wednesday's. I was diagnosed on a Wednesday evening so I was able to teach less and lay low for the first 4 days. 

By day 5/6 my busy teaching schedule started up again. I had subbed out some classes but still had a bunch. Plus I started to notice that the general inactivity made me feel sluggish and the surrounding muscles in the immobilized right leg was starting to weaken. I needed to do something; but I also really didn't want to prolonge my injury

Last Tuesday, about 15 minutes before my yoga instructor arrived to teach our ashtanga open yoga lunchtime practice, I started to cry. Self-pity took over. I felt completely unnatural not moving the way I usually do.  But my body wasn’t having it.  Something I loved to do felt so wrong.

Fortunately moments later Jamie walked in with Scott, the head of the Ashtanga Open Practice at Pure Yoga.

"You should still be practicing," Scott said. 

But how? Just bending my right foot hurt much less coming into chatterunga.

“It’s called Yoga Therapy.”

Yoga Therapy

I have heard of it. You probably have heard of it. But what is it?

Instead of defining it, I am going to tell you what it means for me. 

For the past three months, pre-injury- I had been practicing ashtanga yoga 5-6 days a week. My body felt strong and as someone who has spent a lifetime with tighter hips and hamstrings, those areas were finally starting to open up.

But there were certain moves- during injury- that I could not do.  The jump backs, jump throughs, standing balance poses were not accessible.  In the beginning, even a warrior one with my right foot at an angle was too much.

That first Tuesday, Jamie worked with me.  As it was the first time I practiced post-injury I was moving very slowly and carefully.  We found variations of poses that worked in my current state.  As I moved and breathed, I felt energized and started to move quicker.  Jamie would remind me not to move too quickly.  Once the endorphins of moving kicked in, I started to feel as though I could do more than I probably should.

As I finish writing this piece, I am two weeks post diagnosis.  As my foot heals, I have found that certain moves that were not accessible just a week ago are not a problem anymore.  However, some moves I did pre-injury are still a little while away. As I continue to recover, it is not time for me to push myself nor advance my practice; it is a time to continue to move in a way that makes sense for my body and to heal.

This is my yoga therapy.

Listening to Your Body

When I was pregnant with Sophia and writing about pre-natal fitness, I noticed that a lot of the information I read and received was conflicting.  Can I lay on my back? Can I use weights over my head? Can I do core exercises?  Finding both yes and no’s to all of the questions above, I found that the best answer was “if it doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t and you should stop.” 

Even before I was pregnant, though, I started to be more in tune to my body.  Yes, I pushed myself hard, but a series of injuries when I was 20 (a stress fracture and tendinitis after the 1998 NYC Marathon) taught me that the more I cross trained the better for me.  I noticed that doing yoga, high intensity interval training, body weight exercises, strength training with weights, all aided in my running and I remained injury free for years working out five to six days a week and completing another three marathons.

Knowing the importance of working your body in multiple ways, this was my mindset when developing fitness classes.   You will see that when taking my class.  A year after Sophia was born, three years ago this month, I became a fitness professional.  I started off teaching about 4-5 classes a week.  Over the first year, the 4-5 a week evolved to an average of 4-5 a day.  Soon I found myself teaching north of 20 classes a week. 

For about 2 years straight now, I have been around 20-25 hours of teaching a week.  This is just teaching hours; it does not include my own workouts, not to mention work that I need to do for the business.  I love teaching and do my best to give myself off days. But I have known for me, this pace, was long term not sustainable.

Two weeks ago, I was speaking with a friend; I told her I felt like I was in the best shape of my life.  I could teach for hours upon hours, cardiovascularly I was strong and body weight exercises were never a problem.  However, I was exhausted.  When I wanted to do my own workouts, such as a run, I often felt unmotivated to get myself out there, or stopping when I knew I could run more.  My body felt overtrained and unbalanced. 

A few days after this conversation, my right foot was really bothering me.  Even walking was painful.  The memory of my first six weeks in a walking boot due to a stress fracture during my semester in Florence seventeen years ago came to the forefront of my mind. 

Sure enough, last week, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my right foot.  The break is tiny but the pain and discomfort is real.  I knew once I was diagnosed, I needed to find a doctor who understood what I do for a living; the answer “just don’t do anything for 6 weeks” wasn’t going to work.  This is what the first doctor I saw said.  I quickly moved on.

I then saw Dr. Barkoff on the Upper West Side; he looked at the results of my MRI which confirmed the stress fracture.  He said “If it hurts, don’t do it.  If it doesn’t hurt, it’s fine.” 

Listen to your body.