FUSION: A challenging and efficient class combining cardio, core and strength training.; a well rounded routine that will get you in the best  shape of your life. 

FIT CO ON THE GO: A 35 minute version of our fusion class that is a live stream.  All you need is the space of a yoga mat; hand weights optional.  Can be done in your apartment, your hotel room, or outside.  

NO SWEAT: A 45-minute workout designed for your lunch hour so that you will focus on glutes, core and arms to leave you feeling sore and worked, but not sweaty.

MAMAFIT: You can do it all! Join us for a workout which caters to your constantly changing body all without needing a babysitter. We will focus on cardio, core and strength training- modifying to fit your needs as we go. Same format as our fusion class so Mamas get ready to be challenged! 

THE FIT CO FLOW: An under 60 minute nonstop yoga flow that fits in during your day.  You will leave feeling stretched and lengthened yet worked and refreshed.