FUSION/ A challenging and efficient class combining cardio, core and strength training. This workout provides a well rounded routine that will get you in the best shape of your life. 

NO SWEAT/ A 45-minute workout designed for your lunch hour so that you will focus on glutes, core and arms to leave you feeling sore and worked, but not sweaty.

MAMAFIT/ You can do it all! Join us for a workout which caters to your constantly changing body all without needing a babysitter! We will focus on cardio, core and strength training- modifying to fit your needs as we go. 

THE FIT CO FLOW/An under 60 minute nonstop yoga flow that fits in during your day.  You will leave feeling stretched and lengthened yet worked and refreshed.

BUGGY BARRE/ A barre-inspired class where you can bring your child!

POP PILATES/ Taught by our amazing instructor Ashley, Pop Pilates combines total body exercises with choreographed dance and energetic music to provide a unique 45 minute workout. 

PILADIO/ Pilates is almost the perfect workout. It lengthens and leans the muscles, helps with alignment and builds a powerful, strong core. The one thing it's missing? Cardio! Introducing Piladio, a new workout that combines classical Pilates moves with a cardio kick that will get your heart rate going and help to burn those calories away. This class is low on the sweat factor so you can head back to work or out on the town without having to shower (we won't tell!)

WERK IT! / Combining yoga, cardio and strength, this 45 minute class will provide a heart pumping and endorphin releasing workout where you could work out your midday stress and leave feeling ready to go back to work or take on the rest of your day.

The Fit Co. Weekly Schedule

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