Get Fit for Less Than $1 a Day

Who says resolutions are just for January?  As the first month of the year is flying by, you may already feel “behind” on what you set out to achieve for 2018. 

At The Fit Co, we like to talk about goals not resolutions. Our goal is to find ways for you to integrate not only physical fitness but mental, spiritual, personal and professional fitness into your life. In essence, we are committed to guiding you towards fitness as a lifestyle.  For anyone who feels this is a daunting task, we get it. It doesn’t happen overnight. So, how do you get there?  What is the next step?

I’m just like you. Many times I set goals and then life happens, making it difficult to follow through. Since we offer fitness that fits into your lifestyle, it’s time for life not to get in the way. I want this not only for me, but for you too.

I’m teaming up with my extraordinary trainer, colleague and friend the amazing Hannah Driscoll of HD Fitness to bring you The Fit Co HD.  

For less than a dollar a day ($28), your fitness is in our hands

What You Will Get:

  • Identifying and breaking down your goals. 
  • At least one live physical workout a day 
  • If you miss us live no worries.  The video will live on the page
  • A healthy combination of cardio, strength and mobility as well as yoga and meditation exercises.
  • A community to exchange not only fitness but wellness tips/strategy and motivation 
  • Tracking your progress throughout the month so ensure you are on track with your goals. 
  • Bonus live sessions with Laura, Hannah and other fitness/wellness experts throughout the week to exchange ideas and Q and A’s. 

🎊 For Fit Co monthly members good news for you. The group is included in your membership. 🎊